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Wearing all of the hats for your business can be overwhelming. For most of us, when we start our own creative business all we really want to do is focus on the art that brings us joy and we come to dread working on the tedious back-office tasks.

I’ve been a virtual assistant since 2018, helping creative business owners manage their admin. I work with my clients to set up systems that ease your workload and take tasks off of your to-do list, freeing up valuable time to work on your craft.

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My Talents

Over the years of being a solopreneur, I've tried out many different systems, software, and strategies. I make sure to advise my clients on what will work best and be sustainable for them. Sometimes it's hard to know what you need help with but here are some of my most sought-after services.

  • Automate bookkeeping systems

  • Community Management

  • Creating Content Calendars and Databases

  • CRM Management

  • Newsletters

    • Copywriting

    • Funnels

    • Landing Pages

    • Scheduling

  • Project Management

  • Podcast Editing

  • Social Media

    • Copywriting

    • Creating graphics

    • Scheduling

  • Video Transcripts

  • Websites Design and Maintenance


I offer a variety of pre-planned monthly packages to help meet your needs. We can create a custom package during a discovery call if your needs are more specialized. 

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Work Environment
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Francoise, Aroha Knits

Jenessa was a fantastic community manager and virtual assistant. Her value to the team became particularly evident during a period when I was struggling with deep depression for a couple of years. Jenessa kept my community running for me when I was unable to do so myself. She is highly organized, resourceful, and consistently meets deadlines. I am truly grateful for everything she did for Aroha Knits and the SWATCH Studio Circle.


Sarah, The Tech Editor Hub

Before I hired Jenessa, I was a solopreneur wreck. I had wonderful ideas and new heights to take my business to, but I was completely bogged down in the minutiae of administrating an online business. Working with Jenessa has changed everything for me. She is a go-getter; I can explain things simply and she’ll figure it out--I just need to get out of the way! She’s helped me set up processes and systems, and along the way, she’s become a kind of accountability partner and a wonderful sounding board for problem-solving. It makes my heart sing when she asks, “Can I take that off your desk?”


Kellee, Art by Kellee

Jenessa is a joy to work with. She is always so helpful and willing to offer creative ideas for marketing my artwork. I appreciate her promptness and extra attention to detail.

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