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My family and friends often comment that they love the things I knit but feel like they could never knit something so "complicated." I've set out to change that perception by designing well written and easy to follow patterns that empower knitters to confidently express themselves. I encourage knitters to get creative with the yarn they already own and turn my vision into their own unique creations.


I hope you will join me in creating amazing knits!  You can find all of my self-published patterns on Ravelry.  Make sure to follow me on Instagram where I run the occasional KAL and on Youtube where I post an occasional podcast.


My Story

Many years ago in college, when I'd stayed in town over the holidays and all my friends had gone home, I was wandering the local craft store looking for something to keep me occupied. I came across a "teach yourself to knit" kit and figured it would be easy and fun.


This was an era before youtube tutorials and helpful Ravelry message boards, so I relied on the book and the less-than-stellar illustrations in the kit. Page 1 had you decide on following right or left-hand directions; I'm left-handed so I boldly started learning to knit left-handed. Many weeks went by and I had a long garter stitch scarf to show off only to find out from a friend who knew how to knit properly that what I thought was knitting was actually the purl stitch and that all patterns are written for knitting right-to-left and I was working stitches left-to-right. I had basically taught myself to purl backward. 


YouTube came along and taught me traditional knitting methods but even today I only knit right-handed if I'm teaching someone else. Over the years I learned to tweak patterns to suit my left-hand knitting preference and as a result, found my own unique way of explaining how to knit patterns where directionality is key.


These days I enjoy designing patterns with lace and cables, making sure that both right and left handed knitters can read the pattern with ease and get a finished object they can be proud of.

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